Let A Thousand Blossoms Bloom

Did I write that my parijatham plant put out flowers at the right time? On certain days there were so many flowers that I strung them together and offered the garland to the gods. On other days I placed the flowers on the pedestal of the Buddha, that my husband got for me from Sri Lanka. On certain days there were large and beautiful flowers, the ivory hued petals furled out regally, yet on other days the flowers were small, famished, too bored to bother about putting up a spectacle. I knew that this was not something that I had to consult my gardener about. I was touched at what my plant had set out to do for me. 

My parijatham as the readers of my blog know, has become a symbol of my son. My son is in Grade 10, he is in a crucial phase when he would have to decide about the direction of his life. In a heart rending manner the plant has picked my fears and anxieties regarding my son’s readiness to choose the path of his interest and passion. By laying out beautiful flowers in abundance and all through the season the plant taught me a lesson in faith, that faith opens doors that nothing else can, that faith can make beauty unfold in ways unimaginable. The blossoms have annulled my doubts and fears and they have taught me in an inexplicable way to have faith in my son, and above all never to lose faith in myself, in all that I have given to my son all these years.  

Even after the season the plant continues to put out a clutch of flowers every day out of solidarity. I hug the plant every evening, my son who understands the importance of the plant in my life stands by me as I hug the plant.