The Business Of Creation

When two leaves are placed one over the other and they are pierced by a needle, the time required for the needle to pass from the first leaf to the second is called alpakaala.  Nine hundred alpakaalas make one kaala.  Thirty kaalas make one nimisha, nodi or maatra.  Four nimishas make one ganita.  Ten ganitas one netuvirppu, six netuvirppus one vinaazhika.  Sixty vinaazhikas one ghatika, six ghatikas one day.  Fifteen days make one paksha. Two pakshas make  one chandra masa (lunar month).  Twelve chandra masas make one year for human beings.  One year of human beings is one ahoratra (day) of the gods. Three hundred sixty ahoratras of gods make one Deva Varsha (one year of the Devas/Gods).  12,000 such God years make one Chaturyuga. Manu is the Supreme King of the earth. A Manu’s life span is completed at the end of 71 Chaturyugas. After his lifetime another Manu rules the earth for 71 Chaturyugas. Life spans of  fourteen such Manus makes a kalpa. Two kalpas make a day of Brahma.  360 such  Brahma days make  a Brahma year. Brahma lives for 100 such years which is 309,173,760,000,000 human years. (Source: Puranic Encyclopaedia)

Father of all beings
the architect of the universe

the four faced Brahma
born of the radiant lotus,

the god with a big libido.
pulsating with passion
for the swan-gaited Saraswati
lusting for wives of gods and rishis

fathering the universe
for a lifetime of hundred years
one Brahma day 8.64 billion human years.

limbs weakened with toil
loins sore
etherized in the luminescence of Meru

Brahma wants to rest.

His hands on his lap
tapering fingers
curl in a mudra
cradling whorls of Boundless Energy.

Eyes turned inwards
spills the seeds of Life’s Essence
he fathers four sons –
the pure and luminous souls

sons to inherit the business of procreation;
the boys embarrassed flee
seek the Silent One
to learn the truth of the Endless.

Brahma the aging father
tumescence of creation
vibrating in
scarlet flowers, piercing call of birds

counts the years left
crossing out the shunyas in human years.

This poem is in response to the prompt from Magpie Tales




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