Shore Of Solace

She dips her feet in the water
of the temple tank,
the sky breaks into splinters
swaying dangerously
as ripples spread on the water.

She walks around the temple,
fears going home to her brother
who sees phantoms in room corners,
tells that their father wants
to sell him away.

He beseeches her to marry him,
breathing heavy, he says
they plot against me – 
the postman, the friend from school,
the teacher at the street corner.

She walks home,
he is on the terrace
panic crosshatched on his face,
like a sinking man, lungs bursting,
waiting to be hauled out.

Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo # 3


5 thoughts on “Shore Of Solace

  1. this has such a beautiful flow… water can be so soothing in times of trouble…. our loved ones are never far away regardless of where they are… compassion is a lovely emotion… and the flowers are exquisite… a gardener myself i live there wholely… every day… thank you for visiting and especially so yr comments… in posse

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