Screwed Up Evening

L called to say she can’t come this evening
going for a movie
rang her excited voice
(L cooks for the family,
you remember, I’ve told this before)

I get to cutting onions and tomatoes
have the pan on the stove
waiting to warm
I close my eyes –
attempting a quick exercise
letters crawl like insects on the retina –
open to a bowl of darkness
Fuse blown
I get the spare bulb, pull up a ladder
look for the screw driver
likely places –  book racks, bathroom cabinets
unlikely place – tool kit, but today find it there
My teen son is not around
never is when most needed  LOL
My husband’s old parents are my companions
through all my distressed evenings

(She is 80 + ,  blind partially
’tis been years since I became a blur to her
I am the colour of the sari I wear
she can’t see my kohl drawn dark eyes
the pearls on my ears
He is all 90
immobile with PD
hands take hours to hold a glass
the face a frozen mask
I constantly ask him
what are your thoughts?
how do you feel about this? that?)

I hold the screw driver between my teeth
climb to the platform on the ladder
feel for the groove on the screw
remove the shade
to find an abandoned termite nest
in the crevice behind the wire
I need two more hands
one to hold the glass shade
the other to fix in the bulb

The thread of the screw is rusted
not sure if I’ve driven the screw in right
I curse between my teeth
through the cold metal of the screw driver
I almost hear my husband up here
(Mediocrity, Mediocrity
India drowns in mediocrity
That’s why we are where we are )
I roll my eyes
even in this awkward position

I get down
dramatically press the switch  
light of relief
on the faces of these two wonderful people

PAD Challenge

NaPoWriMo Day 9


2 thoughts on “Screwed Up Evening

  1. my salutations to them. cherish them. elders are worth their weight in gold. no offspring is around when u need them. sorry fact of life. great uma. enjoy ur time with them.good poem.

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