Lazing At Poolside

when I wanted  to write
letters bplmi just went away and sat by the poolside
B sat on its butt on the garden chair
P with a leg tucked in gave company
L stretched toes in the sun
M attempted quick sit ups
I pulled up for surya namaskar
(sun salutation he corrected me
your readers should understand, remember)
as though you care I shouted
if you did you will not go away like this –
it’s end of the day i am dog tierd
(typo errors ok, shouting also ok)
LAZY BONES all gathered up together
and perched on my key
my poem fairy took pity
tucked me in bed
I dreamed of yellow butterfly drinking tea from my cup
as she completed this for me
Capitalizing  – hyphenating
,flicking commas 

Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo # 12


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