Where I Live

Where I live

the summers are hot
rains flush out rats and cockroaches
sewer spills from side walks

Where I live

bazaars are places
where our pockets get picked
chains snatched
where some pervert
fondles my breast


I can’t stay away long
lock myself home
I crave for the smell
of the sea on the beach
the dry fish on the sand
near the fishing hamlet

Ache to

have thick smoke from car exhaust
on my face
have the grime of the city
breathe into my pores

I long

to look at the throng of faces –
each has left behind
like mine
in a home
that smells of garlic
where walls are painted electric blue
dreams stowed away
for our children.

PAD Challenge  NaPoWriMo Day 13


2 thoughts on “Where I Live

  1. very true. describes the city wonderfully well. inspite of all these drawbacks, we will miss the place when we are out of it. wonderful!

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