Fire In The Pot

That cold night in Baroda
I put my hand under the blanket
where my little son slept
pulled his shirt up
placed my hand on his soft stomach
for warmth

That’s where the fire of life is
my mother said –
it is agni in the pot of life
the heat of metabolism, I thought
got around to using words such as these
heat instead of fire
thought of the fire in my stove
lamp in the temple

But I could not stop myself from this
I put my hand on her stomach
when she died
praying for the agni
to be still glowing
in the corner of the pot

(Agni, in Sanskrit, means fire)

Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo # 17 
PAD Challenge – Poem on Death  NaPoWriMo Day 17


13 thoughts on “Fire In The Pot

  1. uma, i am so delighted to read this piece. this line is spectacular: “That’s where the fire of life is/ my mother said” and i love how you bring that image back as part of the grieving.

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