Mad About Each Other

He’s rushing for a Board meeting
dressed in a minutely scrutinized wardrobe
a walk-in for him and her – his hers
His – socks arranged neatly,
shirts piled in shades of blues, browns
perfumes, deodorants along the mirror
He emerges carrying
a particular smell for the day
a dab he’ll leave with everyone
and his aftershave only with his wife
when he goes to kiss her before leaving
she in a kaftan, sipping green tea
her studio in a mess
smell of turpentine on her frizzled hair
where he runs his hands through
carries a salty tang in his lips
hers that he will cherish till he reaches his office.

Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo 23


3 thoughts on “Mad About Each Other

  1. Uma, liked this a lot. Reminded me: how couples can have totally different interests and lives (including vocations, tools, scents) but connect on the important things. Nicely done, poet!

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