The Nudge

The moment this tapped me
magical, I  turned around
I was ten, in a small town
Nagapattinam to be precise
in the house overlooking the temple tank
when the milk man asked
can you write
no one in his family went to school
they tied cows to lamp posts
milked them, spurts of froth, bubbles
captured the rainbow in aluminum pails
I would have otherwise watched
mesmerized by the pink teat
elastic under pressure, but
that day something tapped me
and I took what the man asked
with a lot of significance
and today you come along and ask
can you write a fantasy story?

Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo # 28

5 thoughts on “The Nudge

  1. 🙂 this just makes me grin and grin.

    I worked on a farm way out in the country in Washington State, for a while, where my services as someone who could read and write were grateful.

  2. Wonderful; froth and bubbles catching the rainbow, making a mundane (though wondrous) thing magical. It’s very hard to fully appreciate reading and writing; something those of us who learned can easily take for granted.

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