Morning Walk In Hosur

cloud heavy with rains
stretched stretched to touch horizon
surya namaskar
sky thick with dark clouds
like ink on blotting paper
earth blurred in the mess
clouds tucked sun in bed
deceived snakes slither from rocks
bandicoots confused


3 thoughts on “Morning Walk In Hosur

  1. lucky you. after a morning of rains and good climate, back to scorching heat here. good one. enjoy ur hols

  2. Uma, I don’t think I properly thanked you for sharing a month of absolutely delightful poetry. As someone new to this craft (and with a very full time career as I suspect that you have) it was about all I could manage to respond to prompts and complete poems on time, with too little time left to always enjoy and comment on the work of others. So I’m repenting now by appreciating your poems and encouraging you to continue on, providing others with the enjoyment of experiencing your writing. Respectfully,

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