Uncrease my crumpled heart.
What’s the process for that?
You are a shop-floor man
you work with action plans
now sweetheart have you one for me?
a night at the bar, hand stealing up the thighs
that I purse together:
oh don’t stop.  please.
Known me how many years now?
a sip as the tincture of seduction
             bobs down your Adam’ s apple
you look at the woman in a black gown
don’t I know this pattern?
I’ll play my game
my eyes wander to the man at the balcony
shirt like the caparison on a horse’s back –
Goa print, unbuttoned : breeze unruffles the hair.
I feel your fingers behind my ears
finding the nerves that want me to doff my robe
all in public view. 
                                                        I give a damn.

Big Tent Poetry

9 thoughts on “Capitulate

  1. Wow — what games we play, eh? For some reason, that Adam’s apple captured me more than anything else in this poem. I never realized I was a sucker for the Adam’s apple, but I guess you taught me something here…thanks!

  2. I really enjoyed this seduction poem.These are difficult to write well and you have managed it.Those who usually write in this subject produce icky, cringe poems but yours is great..tight,exotic, hot, and understatedly raunchesque! well done.

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