Subterranean Journey

The sun shines over the river
golden light arranges rearranges on the water
as he places his feet there.
He looks at the ruins
on the other side of the river, knows
that if he digs there he will reach China.

There were these small sized people
in the king’s court,
they could crawl into the smallest of tunnels
and travel to their country.
Tanjore to China,
his eyes opened with bewilderment
at the tales his father said:
he copied pages and pages from the book
about kings.

How big were these men he asked,
his father reading a book
took time to orient to the question.
As the crow cawed lazily on the tree
his father said as big as that,
pointing to the pencil in the boy’s hand.

He waits for the boatman.
By lunch time
when his mother would miss him
he hopes to discover
the hidden tunnel
that took the pencil sized people home.

Magpie Tales






8 thoughts on “Subterranean Journey

  1. ha. what a playful verse…capturing the childhood imagination…i once tried to dig to china in the field out back…i got a good couple feet before the ground became too hard…figured i was about to break through…you know. smiles. nice magpie!

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