Haiku My Heart Friday
from Recuerda Mi Corazon


9 thoughts on “Transient

  1. I love this haiku. I want to relate my own dealings with grief and can do so vividly with these words. This is so right on with my own life it makes me wonder how you knew.


  2. i love spadoman’s words…”it makes me wonder how you knew”…
    that is the gift of a poets heart.
    certainly you offer us this…
    tying our hearts with your introspection, reveries and images of profound beauty.
    i love knowing you are here.

  3. hello uma, i just found this prompt and love it… grief is so very, very painful just talking abt it, thinking abt it encircles my soul and leaves me empty… you have captured it perfectly within the parenthesis.. great form to capture the how of grief and how it separates one…

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