A Map Through Darkness

Down the trail between dark casuarina trees
I walked, hair a coil of night flowers,  
I took you through the nocturnal fragrance and said
fear not what the darkness can do to you.
You walked your iris dilated like a cat’s:
life lies not only in sunshine meadows.

We Write Poems


6 thoughts on “A Map Through Darkness

  1. Elegant. Sensual. Each image rises, defined as if first in outline only, something familiar, then like slow breeze, color and fragrance arrives, changing everything. A delicate balance of word-meaning-images superbly crafted. Thank you for this lovely read.

  2. oh uma….i wrote to you this morning….and after a long day i have returned home. i travel around once more, as if tucking everyone in. making sure their is happiness and acknowledgement for all.

    sadly….my comment from morning is not here!
    lost…in the ethers…so so sorry to think you have spent the day thinking i have not been here.

    my words were fresh, sensual and inspired by your beauty.
    alas….i am tired now and offer you simply my thanks for being here, so generously.

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