Moon Blossoms

The unblinking Jupiter sulks in the pearly grandeur of the night sky. There is moonness on the petals of tree jasmines and oleanders, deep in the seed sac of the flowers where jewels of light wait to be sexed by the inebriated nocturnal insects.  I carry home wild flowers and leave them in my room.

Deep darkness of night
in sprigs of flowers from garden
the moon has blossomed.

Big Tent Poetry ( Write a Haibun)

Haiku My Heart Friday
from Recuerda Mi Corazon

19 thoughts on “Moon Blossoms

  1. oh you speak to my heart with this…
    home now is arizona, mountains at 6,000 ft.
    but there was a time my home was tropical and the easy fragrance of garden musk saturated my dreams with wonder lust.

    i love you here, you haiku my heart and open my senses!

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