The Miracle Maker

I ‘ve learnt to walk on water:
ripples like electricity,
the bounce at the ball of my feet.
I have worked on this several hours
after everyone’s asleep.
On calm moonless nights I walk on the sea 
as you restlessly toss in the bed.
There are several ways to spend a sleepless night.

(Helping my mother-in-law get some sleep every night is close to miracle. She panics as the evening advances, deserts of empty hours spread before her. I sit beside her, hold her hand and gently press it till she slips into shallow valleys of sleep. Walking on water in comparison appears an easier feat, I have quite mastered it.)

Big Tent Poetry


5 thoughts on “The Miracle Maker

  1. Ah this is beautiful, speaks of such gentleness in the walker on water, and serenity, in contrast to the fear and restlessness of the sleeper… altogether a lovely poem!

  2. This really is beautiful, Uma, both the poem and your explanation. For both your sakes, I hope things get a little easier.

  3. This is a lovely poem, Uma, and your mother-in-law is so fortunate to have you there. I like the sense of you accompanying her in her restless sleep.

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