Carrying the warmth of the sun, like russet on fire
glows the marigold in the corner of the garden, furls
of organdie petals crushed in a hurry are perked with a jade sepal
that carries fuzz of pubic hair for seeds.

The whisper of cashmere on her throat,
the fragrant tuber rose  blushes mauve on a dark night,
binds like a moist loop in the rises and dips
of the blue georgette that clads her rounded breast.

The emerald kalamkari prints of night queen scatters
in the breeze like an angel’s laughter as cascades of darkness
blow on his face from his lover’s hair,
he covers her as the night does the satiny sky.  

(My poem is inspired by Arthur Rimbaud’s ‘Flowers‘. I gasped when I read this poem the first time. In this exquisite poem Rimbaud mentions eight different colours, four kinds of fabric, nine kinds of metals, three kinds of flowers to create a breathtaking kaleidoscope of poetry.

I listed the fabrics, colours and flowers to use in my poem hugely inspired by the extravagance of colours, textures and images used by Rimbaud.For choice of fabrics I used this site.The picture above is a kalamkari, an exclusive and rich tradition of Indian textile art.) 

Big Tent Poetry ‘New To You’ Day 1 

5 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. I love reading about your process — where you got those beautiful words and how you made a list of them!

    So glad you are joining us for the gong. 🙂

    And a heads-up about reposting another person’s poem, though. It can only be done with the publisher’s permission, so I recommend deleting the rimbaud text and just referencing it by title or linking to it if you find it somewhere online.

  2. wow uma you have painted exquisite words with images that one has to linger and absorb. i’d say wonderfully erotic.. after reading your comments i had to go back thru his poem and capture it all over again… thank you…

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