Five Significant Landscapes

An old man sits in
the scant shadow of a jade plant,
like mercury on the steel sky
drops an eagle,
its shadow trembles
on shifting sand,
a scorpion digs in:
thus gold dust settles
over rocks. 

She is the dusk,
she wraps her lover
as scarlet sky hugs the earth.
Twilight, slut,
taunting and voluptuous,
reveals herself.
A dark lake
like fire flares
touched by her.

The palm tree is not tall after all.
I stand on the shore,
my shadow that follows him across the sea
is taller than the tree.
I stretch across shores
reach the skies that carries
the salt on its face.
I am annoyed that
a shark snaps my feet
as I straddle across.

My passion blossoms on the myrtle tree,
the pink petals of its blossoms
steals the colour from hibiscus.
Breast fills as he touches,
pales when he leaves:
I fall from the tree
like a spent star
high in the sky.

Not all the daggers of warriors
nor the arrows tipped with poison
nor the knives of highway robbers
and  beautiful poetry
can sear me
as does his kiss
that singes through drapes of silk.

(This poem stays close to Wallace Stevens ‘Six Significant Landscapes’, only I have transposed the Tamil landscapes from the Sangam Age. Go here to see how the Tamil landscape was classified in the Sangam Age and how this got represented in Tamil poetry.)

Big Tent Poetry ‘New To You’ Day 3

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