On Eating Bananas

I ate two bananas as I read a beautiful poem written for children. I remember eating one banana, the beauty of the poem took over my senses and I do not recall eating the second fruit. I was surprised to see two banana peels in the trash can.

Here is the poem that the sixth graders of my school read, and the one I ate instead of that fruit.

Waiting For The First Drop

No-one knows the exact moment
of what hour
the first drop of rain will fall.

But after one whole week
of blinding sun
of scorched grass
of wilting leaves,
it somehow seems important.

So I watch and wait
along with the birds,
along with the ants,
along with every living
breathing thing,
for that first heavy
cool splash of rain
to wet the page
of this poem about the rain.

             Raymond Souster

A River Of Stones
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