Dont Deify Me, Love Me

Do I look like a goddess of the village?
He calls me Mariamman instead of Maria,

you ask me to smear turmeric on the doorway
crush lime and tie tassels of silk on banyan tree

whose roots like angels descend from heaven;
but red chillies like spikes of anger I tie to the letter,

leave it on the branches that carry grey moans in my dreams.
I know there is no way he’s going to have me as his lover.

Will he walk on fire whose embers are my desires,
this man who wants to make a goddess of me?

(Mariamman is worshipped as a mother goddess in South India)

Day 8

This poem is written in response to the prompt from the Poetic Asides where I complete the phrase Dont ______, ________ and write a poem. And my poem is Dont Deify me, Love me. I also found the prompt at NaPoWriMo interesting. I have integrated in my poem these – a synasthetic metaphor, name of a fruit, name of someone I knew in school, a rhetorical question, address someone, word in a foreign language. Now go find these here. 



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