The Old House

Walls have ears
tiles of the old house
like lives of people
stacked one behind another

a part of the roof removed
where she gave birth to babies
beyond the well
now open to the sky

the garden pumpkin
like prone pregnant woman
lies at the doorway
wood swollen with moisture

story of the daughter
who chewed betel leaves
stain the walls red
flakes fall with time

 she left her children
in the courtyard a rainy day
and went away
with her lover

Day 9
Prompt from
*Not Without Poetry* – write a poem using metonymy. Go here to read about metonymy. Metaphor is commonly used in poems, metonymy is an interesting device. Wikipedia explains the difference between metaphor and metonymy thus :  Both  involve the substitution of one term for another. In metaphor, this substitution is based on some specific similarity, whereas, in metonymy, the substitution is based on some understood association (contiguity). Do you think metonymy works in my poem?


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