Like The Flight Of A Dove

On the breaking light of love
tumbles indecorously

tear blinded, scorned.
As whorls of breeze
levitate the pink breath

gasps of pain
like swelling chants
rack the grace of morning.

Day 27
Kelli Russell Agodon writes, “ Make a list of your favorite words today. Write a poem that uses the words you wrote down.” I have used phrases instead of words in my poem.

I have been reading a few poems that we selected for our seventh graders. I wrote down phrases that stayed with me. They are ‘swelling chants’ from Amiri Baraka’s poem ‘Ka’ba’, and ‘breaking light of love’, ‘tear blinded sight’ and ‘grace of morning’ from James Weldon Johnson’s beautiful poem ‘The Glory Of The Day Was In Her Face’.  
So what do I do with these words/phrases? I needed a frame to weave these phrases. I remembered the prompt from ‘Out Of Poetry’: “Turn off the noise. Go to a window. Write what you see, feel and/or want in a stream-of-consciousness form.”

I so much needed a cup of tea. I sipped tea, looked out of the window at the backyard of my office that has this large plumeria tree that drops numerous pink secrets on the manicured lawn.

My poem owes to the prompts as well as the plumeria tree that I have observed day after day spill flowers.

When I write poem after poem like this for 27 days, there comes a time when the process note is longer than the poem. Am I tired? You bet!


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