thumbing through the photo album I  come across a particular picture of sun slanting through the window on life throbbing with wetness of vitality. The skin translucent gives a glimpse of the blue seas, the waves that lap the shore. He swims, balled into existence with the pressure of rolling; a perfect fetus that I give birth as I breathe in and out the cosmic desire to create.

the world from his side of the frame is drowsed thick with secretions from flowers, the wall of the night is torn with paths made by the bats that tessellate patterns of longing – triangles of craving, squares of satiation.

it’s true that the heart races up as the ball drops, plunges down. I roll stones one after another, cover the path. When I cannot find my way back I reach for your hands, lead them under my blouse wet with desire.

your hand waves toward me. I peel a fibre of gossamer from the crisscross of lines on the skin, string prayers into a fine weave of faith that I hang under the evening sky. I collect the wind-blown bougainvillea petals that retain their papery texture and marble of colors even when  pressed, unlike memories that fade and smudge.

then, I gather the slivers of water that spray from a fountain: particles of sky stretch in neat lines to converge and splatter in my vision; the skill lies in gathering the confetti with fingers drained of blood and life.

Day 7 – Poem A Day

Prompt from Rachel McKibbens :

1. Write down three spectacular moments you have witnessed.
2. Write down three things you wish you could do for three other people.
3. Name three things you’ve done in a rampage.
4. Name three things you’ve done for love. 
5. (This might be hard.) You have to come up with ONE WORD that best describes you.

What you wrote down for #5 is your title. Have the next lines or stanzas be its numerous definitions by using the moments you wrote down for 1-4.

I diligently noted down my thoughts for 1-4. ONE WORD that best describes me. That was difficult, seemed even unfair. But  this word kept coming again and again – ‘diligent’ ! Ask anyone who knows me well! Then it was fun to look at the moments that I noted for 1-4 as numerous definitions of diligence. Tell me, did you like the poem?


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