Copper Pod Tree

band of heat pounds on the walls, becomes a sheet of light
dark moons are formed by steel pouring into the cornea
the blue of sky so intense, appears like a large amethyst

papery yellow blossom of copper pod tree races on the tarmac
like a child tearing across the road. Trapped in a snarl of weed
dragging mud in the wings, it becomes limp like a fruit skin
birds have fallen silent, even the koel from eucalyptus tree
the banyan leaves are pale like breast of a parrot: the green
I apply as mascara to cool the eyes, shut away summer heat

Day 9 NaPoWriMO
Take a walk and write a poem: “Take a walk, or a drive. … Take along a notebook if you can. Take notes. Maybe take a picture or two. And then sit down in a park or in your yard or on the corner, and write.”

I took a walk in the neighbourhood. It was a warm afternoon, but the copper pod blossoms were lovely!

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