The Ghazal On Birth Of The Buddha : Bardo 3

I leave no reflection and shadow when I enter the womb,
the inky lake deepens in darkness, falls silent like the womb.

I swim through dark channels, see a man and woman make love,
knotted in lust and hatred, gelatin of desire greases the wall of womb.

Ball of misery seals the opening, drowned in sea of stinking muck
I gasp, take lung-full of prayers and bubbles of breath fill the womb.

Shirts fashioned with care are spread on the shelf to choose –
what will I wear, what body will I inhabit and into which womb?

I hold on to a robe whose dye is drawn from lotus seeds,
the fabric is soft on skin, the tint casts a warm glow in the womb.

I clean the floor, decorate the walls with vermilion marks,
fill with smoke from incense cones every corner of the womb.

I am the Buddha waiting to be born, the seed is chosen with care.
As the stars race and the moon moves up the sky the womb

opens in receptivity of the light. My mother sighs in her dream,
perspiration of the humid night on her neck like the pearl in her womb.

Day 13 NaPoWriMo – Write a Ghazal

Ghazal is a poetic form that is composed of a minimum of five couplets, and not more than fifteen. Each of the couplets are autonomous.  The first couplet ends with the same words, in the subsequent couplets the second line repeats and picks the rhyme of the first couplet .

This poem is also the final part of Bardo poems. Sidpa bardo  is the final bardo in the cycle of human existence. It is the bardo of becoming, or transmigration,or rebirth.

Read Bardo 1 here
Read Bardo 2 here 


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