Kambu Koozhu

Children lie on their bellies, reach for cobs
of tall grasses growing in dry sluices,
seeds burst on fingers like confetti of pearl drops.
They brew sunshine, mix in breeze of the hills,
they walk past dry farmland chewing juicy stalks,
take time to sit on haunches and trace paths of snakes
which heave out of rocks that breathe silent heat.
They carry bouquet of grasses with cones of millet
for their mothers to cook mid noon broth.

Kambu – pearl millet / bajra
Koozhu – porridge 

Day 15 Poem A Day Challenge : “For today’s prompt, think of a favorite regional cuisine, make that the title of your poem, and then, write the poem.”

For the recipe of kambu koozhu or pearl millet porridge, go here.

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