Becoming Landscape: spider lily

The milky smell of spider lily fills the air
thick as beautiful sex; sky blue like
the vein on my neck, throbs in simple convulsions
that only birds can hear in their stillness.
They transform into aural trajectories of happiness
and sing, these songs tessellate as loops
between trees as ancient as this earth itself.

The sigh is a mist of dream above the arching trees;
a web, like a prism of light in tension, sags
under the weight of a spider fattened by its prey;
saliva of an insect is the wet lines on the lily
that disappear into the vortex – a map of final journey.
I slither from a wet branch heavy like a snake ,
but a leaf is what I want to be as I fall.

This poem is written in response to the two week prompt from We Write Poems. Read the prompt here and here. I have borrowed the title of the poem from WWP. Thank you !  I propose to write a series of poems in this title.


One thought on “Becoming Landscape: spider lily

  1. This made me feel all tingly. The last two lines made a beautiful ending to the sensuous journey. What a great idea, doing a series! Your photo is awesome.

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