This is my body

What woke me that night?
Was it the rancid smell of burnt flesh
that went to fill the slants of my brain?

The lamp burnt with a steadiness unprecedented,
moth fatally attracted to the light
singed and rocketed into darkness.

I peeled away lifetimes
to the unitary cell that carried seeds of
every mole, every curve, every blemish.

I was alone in the room,
the contours of the space mine,
the pearly break of dawn my body.

Poem A Day : Molly Fisk’s prompt to write a poem on ‘This is my body.’
She says, “…you can incorporate the words into a poem (anywhere) or use the idea, riff on what it makes you think of… just about anything…”


4 thoughts on “This is my body

  1. As I read ‘this is my body’
    My right brain woke up
    Suddenly –
    As if coming out of a morphine dosage
    Infused by focused work at my desk
    Consumed by my left brain
    You helped create in my body – Today
    the needed balance.

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