law of exclusion

A place is never too far,
just around the corner
where the universe falls off.

We have been turning
on the pole of dissent;
the slant of the moon
falls at an angle oblique
that it distorts his face
throws mine in silence.

The point of intersection
of our bodies
on parting –
never coming together.

Is there a ray of light where
we can lay our memories
and send it
down deep sea
where mermaids with neon eyes sing?

When we embrace the empty space
exclusion marks our presence,
at  periphery our boundaries meet.

I can’t bother waiting another lifetime
as if lifetimes were some marbles
I want to strike.
But there are things larger than all this –
that no amount of denial will blur his presence.

Words walk along like my shadow,
refuse to leave me
like a faithful dog bobs behind,
to glue us together.

He turns toward me.

It is different after all the years
and the distance
where speech cannot stretch and span.
Silence plays mischief;
I have to talk, watch words blow like sand
to grate his eyes, blind him.

No truth ever exists,
and every day comes to end
with a book mark placed,
to continue
where I left the previous day.

Poem A Day

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