the full moon

How much is much, how less is less
when fullness and emptiness
are face to face like sun and moon
on either side of the sky

When the egg cracks substance oozes
the halved shells get chipped like nails
and calcium particles tremble with breeze –
is death there

A strand of her hair, the silver arc
clung to dust in her shoe rack that I cleaned
before putting her house up for sale –
is life there

The moon fills the sky, the rash on her face –
is it a smear of pain that no healing can erase
till it tunnels deep into a crater that you saw
the night you wheezed to death

The mind is dense with smoke and noise,
voice drips stutters like a leaking faucet
a thought first, a desire then – the  constant drip
drop that I long to end

What is hormone (not the medical thing) – is it
dryness of mouth, tenderness of breast,
constriction of heart tending to windmill
into a whir of abnormal pulsation

There is a large well beyond the graveyard
steps spiral in, gyrate out as I descend and ascend
the moon in dark water, the silence in me –
is it fullness or emptiness

Poem A Day


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