You – Me

If love has a shade
it is deep purple of night sky
thick with fragrance
of soil turning for centuries,
folding in memories
metamorphosed in the layers
of biological matters
that course through you me.



In the spiral
that leads to the sky
he searches for a path.

To climb he has to let go
the foot hold,
step in


pale belly of sky,

kick the foot wear.
The clasp


Poem A Day

places of love: a raft torn by wind

I could jump off a cliff
I hold the fluttering heart in my hands
I hold you as the birds fly over
this is not in my lifetime

With the heart in my hands fluttering
I tow you to the other side of the river
when this is not the lifetime for you
I return on a raft torn by the winds

You watch from the other side of the river
the birds that I hold fly over
the raft torn by gusts of wind
I jump off the cliff.


places of love: roof of the mouth

The way tongue went up to the roof of the mouth
holding the breath for a second, unraveling the silence

that sat in the centre of my existence
when you said yes

and let light flood into a dark cave. Your image frozen
in layers of minerals I hacked crudely,

colors of dust settled
on my skin, on the crevices of my toes, in chapped lips.

The furrows filled crimson, colour of my blood, taste of salt
in your mouth as you explored the depths where

pooled in stillness, rippled with life at your touch.

Day 1
Write a poem a day,  NaPoWriMo 2013


left behind

The sentence leans away from the centre, from its punctured sides
colors bleed carrying the suns and moons, the fire that keeps
home in every corner of the body.

Distended the word stands, failing to gather color before sunset;
the long evening carries dust under the bed where a bead
lies kicked from memory.

I loop letters backwards, right to left, hold the message to the mirror
for you to read. Silence sits on the curve that meaning takes;
you halt me there, I sit out a lifetime.

Like a long rope of memory a train snakes through the landscape,
the flash of carriages are gone leaving a square panel of ache in my heart
when the yellow light plunges into darkness.

I am the other picking the perfect slant of light that will force entry
through the nine doors of my body. I am all that is left when you leave.
I would rather believe you never passed by.

Photo: Graham Holliday


the meaning

Meaning does not hold in a sentence
when I do not desire to talk.

The pale winter morning
carries in dark folds
the moon that dissolves

into light.

The same question:

does meaning reside in the failing light
or in my seeking your eyes?

no thing

He walks near the sea,
clutches green with his senses,
not from memory of the color,
of her vein
           translucent emerald with touch.

The breath rises and sinks
like the flight of a hummingbird,
chest heaves and chants –
do not save love for anything
                              for anyone.

For how long can one hold madness,
or moonlight in the cup of hands
scooped from the wild river
that races the blood to a heart
                     that has stopped beating.

Are stars falling from a firmament
that is empty as in endless?
What mind cannot grasp
does not exist.
Telescopes regardless.

Photo: Samantha Goode