work in journals


The Business of Creation in the New Classics isue of Qarrtsiluni 

Translating A Sangam Poem in Qarrtsiluni

The Lotus Under My Feet in Whale Sound

In The Heart of Nowhere in Carcinogenic Poetry

Festival of the Trees 61: New Discoveries at Via Negativa

Where Father And Daughter Are Seekers in Qarrtsiluni

Journey in Buddhist Poetry Review

The Loop in Buddhist Poetry Review

Void in Buddhist Poetry Review

Kumbakonam in Pure Slush

Holi Hai in Pure Slush 

God’s Guest in Pure Slush

Brown As In Coffee in Curio Poetry

Just When in Curio Poetry

A Summer Evening in Curio Poetry

Laced With Silver in Words Dance

David, the Shepherd in Catapult Magazine

Mithya in Words Dance

At The Moment Of Death in Buddhist Poetry Review

Dissolution in Buddhist Poetry Review

A Ghazal On Birth Of The Buddha in Buddhist Poetry Review

Presence in Catapult Magazine

Rejection in Catapult Magazine

Coffee in Catapult Magazine

Vanya in Catapult Magazine

Remembering Mother in Catapult Magazine

Time Past and Time Present in Catapult Magazine

Yoga in Catapult Magazine

Upbringing in Catapult Magazine

Come, Let Us Die in Catapult Magazine 

Inhale in Catapult Magazine

Synchronicity  in Catapult Magazine

The Year of Dragonflies in Catapult Magazine

A Fistful of Earth in Catapult Magazine

Autumn Love in The River Muse

Give Away in Postcardshorts

Camper from Madras in Postcardshorts

Bardo Poems in The Poetry Storehouse

Noise in 1947

Silence in 1947

The Blue Chair in Storyacious

Where I Hold Your Name in Red Wolf Journal



Poetic Asides

The River Muse

Dear Outer Space



The Color Of Loss Is Blue


Slant of the Sun


Prayer & Just Beneath Existence

Lay Out

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