Land Of Dreamers

We left the village of Dangs in Saputara
walked through deciduous leaved paths
black basalt rock were jade hued with moss
where sunlight didn’t penetrate

Higher, mountain got scraggy and peaks bald
soil golden dust the colour of a tiger’s coat
wind howled carrying scents of forests below
a Dang sat unmoving warning us ‘wagh hai’

That’s what they said in the village
looking up at the hills as though at the heavens
the tiger had come as far as that mountain there
eyes clouded with memory of a different time

Census does not map this region for tigers
still a Dang herding his cattle high there
as another sitting pensive on the  cliff
watching the blue skies, warn ‘wagh hai’

They dream tigers here
like their cousins Ratwa Bhils
dream of horses racing on their pastures

All these peoples indigenous to my country
spread across central India
adorn her like a richly jeweled girdle

Oh, they have beautiful dreams.

( ‘wagh hai’ , in Marathi, means ‘there are tigers’)

Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo # 18 NaPoWriMo Day 18



7 thoughts on “Land Of Dreamers

  1. I am appreciating your poems again and again. I like the line They dream tigers here. This sounds like it could be just a little autobiographical but if not, it shows vivid capacity to imagine. Nicely done and thank you for sharing.

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